My name is Gergely Takács.  I am a self-taught woodworker, furniture maker, living in Veľký Meder, in the South of Slovakia. I have always been a creative person.  In my early childhood I studied graphic arts later I was interested in playing the guitar, and finally I turned to making furniture. Since my beloved grandfather was a carpenter, cooper and woodturner; wood, as a natural material, has been part of my whole life. I always loved to enter his workshop and watch him working for hours.

I create because I love to.  It’s so much fun and a pleasure to go to work.  My pieces are handmade, in the truest sense of the word.  I make one piece at a time and give it my full attention, starting with a piece of wood and ending up with functional art. Wood is a living material and I love to give it a new life.

I approach designing and making furniture in simple terms. I try to make things that are elegant and beautiful to look at, pleasing to touch and sturdy to use. Create pieces that are raw and honest and express the perfection in imperfection. I’m inspired by the beautiful world just outside my door.

Together with my soulmate, Eli we share everything. She is my best friend, my biggest support. We like meeting new people, to give, share and recieve positive energies. Furniture is the perfect medium for me to work with because I enjoy having my work interact with people. My hope is to create objects that give pleasure to its owners, and makes their lives better.

We would love to hear from you and happy to chat if you want to learn more about making a handmade piece of functional art.

Yours sincerely,